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Sep. 10, 2017
Come and visit me at Motion Gallery on September 16 from 1 til 3 pm! My exhibit will be featured in the gallery from Sept 12 to Oct 5!!
Albert 24x30 $695
Chinook 16x24 framed $400
Deserted In The Foothills 16x24 framed $495
NEW! Three Eagles ( Nez Pierce warrier) pencil sketch private collection
Billie sold to private collector
Pathway Of Light 20x20 framed $425 available at 'My Favorite Store' in Bragg Creek
Coming Home Alberta 24x20 acrylic sold to private collector
Road To The Rockies framed 30x24 $720
Abandoned In The Foothills $665
Kind regards
Suzie Hiscox

If you want to get in touch with me....

please e-mail me at kazsu@hotmail.com   or phone me at 403 244 9623

Hey everybody!! I recently spent two weeks at the Casa Buena Art Retreat in San Blas Mexico. The retreat is run by the fantastic artist and hostess, Jane Romanishko! Herman Brandt was our teacher and he was awesome as well! I learnt lots of great stuff and now sometimes like to paint in oils. I will get busy and update my website as soon as I can!! Too bsy painting right now!!!!

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DONE Sending...

Barb from East Coulee | Reply 03.06.2017 20.00

Love, love, love your art. You are so talemted! So many different topics and styles.truly amazing.

Suzie 15.06.2017 17.55

Thanks Barb!!! So excited that you left me a message!! Love love love my bird feeder too!

Suzie Hiscox | Reply 11.05.2017 13.04

Check out Javino Art Gallery and Coffee Shop/Restaurant in Discovery Ridge! They serve fantastic food and my artwork is hanging on the walls!!

Fauna | Reply 31.10.2015 23.21

Do you still have Alberta Motion? Could you please tell me how much it costs?

Suzie 06.11.2015 18.44

I'm sorry Fauna but that painting is no longer available.

Sheri & Tony | Reply 17.06.2015 19.21

Have 2 paintings and absolutely love them. We are just thrilled how accurate all 4 dogs look and could not be happier. Thanks so much.

Suzie 20.06.2015 13.57

Thanks Sheri and Toni! I am so excited you like them....and that you left a comment!!!

Suzie Hiscox | Reply 05.06.2015 11.52

Hello everyone who visits and thankyou! Especially to those who leave comments, I love to hear from you! Some newer painting have been added June 5,2015.

Suzie Hiscox | Reply 08.05.2015 13.18

OK OK! I know I need to update my website.....Ill get on it as soon as I have a minute!! LOL

Suzie Hiscox | Reply 26.06.2014 23.12

Check this out....I just added a few new paintings and sculptures! You can view them at Motion Gallery in Eau Claire, Calgary! Suzie

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23.11 | 08:51

Love her so much Sue!

10.09 | 09:06

it is 24x24 $550 call me if you are still interested. 403 2449623!

10.09 | 09:04

Hi Bev! This one is available so far at Motion Gallery in Calgary! I have actually changed some of the details a bit.....I will try to repost the newer version!

10.09 | 09:00

Hi Bev!
Just read this message....sorry I didnt check sooner!! This painting was sold to a gentleman in California ! Just sent it two weeks ago!

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