Suzie's Art

African Sunset..SOLD

Oriental Branch SOLD

Birches with real leaves

California Dreamin SOLD

Oriental Images SOLD

Eerie Tree Sunset 2012 SOLD

Almost Jasper

Bentley - 2011 sold

Brown Bear - sold

Little Black Bear...SOLD

Daisy 2011 commission SOLD

Celia 2011 commission SOLD

Donna's Cottage commission...SOLD

Barb's Cortona

Durer,s Hare 2012 commission SOLD

Mare and Foal in pastels 2012

Eliot 2011 commission SOLD

Diablo pastels 2013

French Market Spices 2011

Grizz 2012 SOLD

Black Eyed Susans

Birch Forest SOLD

Heffie...My Puppy not for sale

Discovery Forest SOLD


Kaz and Modes "SOLD

Fall Magic Forest SOLD

Imagine Vinyard SOLD

Barb's Italy SOLD

Jasper commission SOLD

Lil's Grandogs com. SOLD

Kris's Pond

Blue Poppy SOLD

Tiger Lily SOLD

Taos Pueblo SOLD

Under Water Polar Bear

Crazy Pelican SOLD

Saw Whet Owl SOLD

Sandy's Sailboat GIFT

Sadie GIFT

Purple Iris SOLD

Rhonda's Poppies GIFT

Larry's Tractor not for sale

Mexican Church

Bull Moose in Snow SOLD

Monster Iris

Leslie's Grapes SOLD

White Horse in Pastels 20" x 30"

4 0f 4 Big Cats SOLD

Big Cats Series....1 of 4 SOLD

2 of 4 Big Cats SOLD

3 of 4 Big Cats SOLD

Lisa's Puppies SOLD

Jade's Wild Daisies SOLD

Another Bear! SOLD


Polar Bear Sold

Moose SOLD

Elk Sold

Bruno 12x12" acrylic SOLD

Cactus Flowers 24x36x2 acrylic

A Walk in the Woods acrylic and mixed 36x36 SOLD

White Hot

I'd rather be in Hawaii

The Gray's Home commission sold

Trees in Inks

The Old Outhouse

Suzie Blueberry

Bide a Wee

Suzie Blueberry 2

Peurto Vallarta Sold

The old roundhall in Bragg Creek


Churro Sold

The Gray's House commission Sold


Leo 12x12 Sold

The Nuzzle Sold

Tony 12x12 Sold


Reflecting 12x12 Sold

Rays acrylic 12x12 $150

Blueberries acrylic ink 12x12 $150

Wildie framed acrylic 16x20 donation to WHOAS min.$100

Tranquil Mist acrylic 30x36 $895

Tiger Bouquet $345 acrylic ink

Silver Snow acrylic in framed $2oo

Lis"s Grandpuppies commission

alcohol ink tiles $75 sold

Discovery Pond acrylic /custom framed $295

alcohol ink tile

Winter Trees

Downtown acrylic/framed

Discovery Deadfall SOLD

Debbie"s sign commission

Discovery Autumn

Discovery Ridge View

Indian Lady in pastels

Three Eagles pencil

Sunrise Stampede 24x36 acrylic framed


Little Indian Girl pastels

Kristjan's Alberta

Prairie Storm 24x36 Gallery wrap wide

Alberta Gold

Alberta Sunset 36x24 framed

Alberta Journey 24x48 gallery wrap wide

Playa Manana


Water Baby



Playa Siesta

Pond In Griffith Woods

Winter In The Rockies

Neville Park Streetcar 1948

        Here is a collection of some of my paintings...some are sold already but some are still available .......   My newest paintings that are for sale will be updated often (hopefully!) on my Paintings for Sale page

I am donating the proceeds of many of my horse paintings to WHOAS...Wild Horses of Alberta Society, a rescue organization! A percentage of the sales from  Javino Coffee Shop go to a childrens charity, and most of the proceeds from any bear paintings are donated to WAP, World Animal Protection. I like to donate and do to several other causes. If you would like a painting donation please e-mail me at with details...


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DONE Sending...

Lois Hamilton | Reply 07.11.2015 11.50

Hi Suzie! I loved meeting you in Bragg Creek a couple of weeks ago and having a chat with you and your husband! You create beautifully stunning art!

Suzie 18.11.2015 20.53

Thank you so much Lois! Come for Customer Appreciation Day- Dec 4th, Friday for wine, goodies, great sale prices! I am doing a sculpture demo from 3 to 7!!

Sonya | Reply 09.11.2014 09.46

Hello Suzie! I bought one of your paintings at the Elveden Show a couple of weeks ago and I love how you captured the sunlight in the trees!

Suzie 18.11.2015 20.56

Thank you Sonya! Which painting was that? I think that 2 of them found new homes from that show! Sorry I took so long...just say this now!

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23.11 | 08:51

Love her so much Sue!

10.09 | 09:06

it is 24x24 $550 call me if you are still interested. 403 2449623!

10.09 | 09:04

Hi Bev! This one is available so far at Motion Gallery in Calgary! I have actually changed some of the details a bit.....I will try to repost the newer version!

10.09 | 09:00

Hi Bev!
Just read this message....sorry I didnt check sooner!! This painting was sold to a gentleman in California ! Just sent it two weeks ago!

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