My Paverpol Sculptures

Ponies Playing 2012 SOLD

Nori's Cowgirl SOLD

Windy Day SOLD

Butterfly Lady 2012 SOLD

I have created many, many Winey Women and Bottle Buddies in several different themes. They make a super gift to give on a bottle of your favorite wine! These little sculptures can be viewed and purchased at "My Favorite Store" Bragg Creek Alberta as well as "Noble Ridge Winery "in OK Falls BC, soon to be in "Dirty Laundry" Winery, Summerland BC. You can also commission me to have a special theme one made just for you or a friend!

The Dragon 2012

Crazy Crows 2012

winey woman cowgirl

Roger the Ram light bulb and wire

Baffling Birdies 2012

Matilda 13'

Morris The Dragon with patina

Danser 2' on glass that turns SOLD

Cindy's Gypsy Reader SOLD

more winey women

Leslie's Grape Picker stand approx 3 ft. SOLD


winey women

Rhiana Roper 2012 stands approx 3 ft. SOLD

little horse head Sold

Daryl (the deer) 2012 hangs outside on my cabin in BC

winey woman


Mother and child SOLD


Victoria 3' SOLD



Baffling Birdies recycled light bulbs and wire SOLD


paverpol class in my studio

Marietta 3' SOLD

Scooter 3' SOLD

Bragg Creek Brenda 3'

Tess 3' SOLD

Sasha approx. 3 ft.

Juliana approx. 2 ft.

Rifle Ranch SOLD

Mommie-go-Round 18" on natural log round and glass carousel $300

Joy! 14" $175

Faith 14" $150

Copper Unicorn approx. 8" high

My Paverpol Sculptures

These unique sculptures are created using electrical wire, tin foil, tape and fabric  dipped in hardener called Paverpol.
 I also use recycled wood, light bulbs, jewelery and whatever  interesting things I can find for these sculptures!🤩

most of these sculptures can be put in your garden in the summer!

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DONE Sending...

Gent | Reply 16.07.2021 03:47

Hello who make this sculptures?

Suzie Hiscox 18.08.2021 09:34

I make them in my studio in Calgary, Canada

Claire | Reply 26.09.2015 10:36

Where is the best place to buy paverpol,as I really want to give a go !!

Suzie 29.09.2015 00:50

Hi Clare,
Are you in Calgary? I do have a limited supply of paverpol products for sale at my home/studio. Please e-mail me at
If you would

Donna | Reply 24.03.2014 23:07

Hi Suzie, I was in Bragg Creek this weekend and stopped into the My Favorite Shop. Wanted to let you know that I totally fell in love with your paverpol girls

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27.09 | 12:44

Hi suzie, dave hansen here would it be possible to have you paint a painting of Odin's ravens,

18.08 | 09:34

I make them in my studio in Calgary, Canada

16.07 | 03:47

Hello who make this sculptures?

04.05 | 02:41

Hi again. He mentioned your new-found talent as an artist, and I have to say I'm blown away. Amazing work! Very happy for you.

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